Lilla Essingen, Stockholm

Jan 2016

Pentax Super A,  Fuji Color 100

STUDIO DEJAWU established in Stockholm in 2015. The name of studio is derived from the sense of unfamiliar-familiarity (Déjà vu), "Wu" as "物" in Chinese means Object.

This combination (似曾相识的物) contains a philosophy that drives and directs our design process.


We believe the daily objects that people willing to use more are those that can reflect their experience more. Creating timeless and honest product as a memory container is our biggest interests, including furniture design, product design and art. Beside, we also provide industrial design consulting service.


The voyage has just begun. We are learning and eager to learn more during this journey.


designer  &  founder

Born in Suzhou, China in 1986, Qian Jiang ( 蒋 虔 ) currently lives and works in Stockholm.


He got his Bachelor degree in Industrial Design at Jiangnan University, China in 2008; and has been studying Master Programme in Industrial Design at Lund University, Sweden, from 2011 to 2014.


He has worked for different industries and agencies, from hardcore industrial design to Scandinavia furniture design, including S.point Design, Ideadao Design in Shanghai; and Nicholai Wiig Hansen Design, Normann Copenhagen in Copenhagen.  He currently works as an industrial design consultant in Semcon AB, Sweden.


Qian Jiang founded the design atelier - STUDIO DEJAWU in Stockholm in 2015.




2017 Sept, Prototypa , London

- A series of projects and prototypes


2017 Aug, Formex, Stockholm

- LighTop (candle holder and snuffer set)

- Bell-opener (table accessory)

- Hem-shu (wall-mounted hook)


2017 Jan,Formex, Stockholm

- LighTop (candle holder and snuffer set)

- Ballet  (tape dispenser)

- Hem-shu (wall-mounted hook)

- Cone-fu (figures)

- Whale Home (umbrella Holder)


2016, Greenhouse Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm

- Tjena Kina (furniture collection)

- Go-penhagen (mirror)

- Whale Home (umbrella Holder)

- Hem-shu (wall-mounted hook)

- Cone-fu (figures)

- Bell-opener (table accessory)


2015, Master Degree Project Show in IKDC, Lund

- Tjena Kina

- Go-penhagen

- Whale Home


2014, Ventura - Design Junction, London

- Lo-fi Washer (hand power washing machine)

- Emergency Porcelain Hammer (piggy bank)


2014, DMY, Berlin

- One-life-geiger-counter (art installation)


2014, Form Design Center, Malmo

- Go-penhagen


2012, DMY Awards & Jury Selection, Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design, Berlin

- Lo-fi Washer


2012, DMY, Berlin

- Lo-fi Washer


2012, MOST, National Science and Technology Museum, Milan Design Week, Milan

- Lo-fi Washer


2012, Greenhouse Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm

- Lo-fi Washer


2011, Liteon Awards Exhibition in Liteon Technology Ltd., Taipei

- City Rainforest (city public car-washing system)


2010, Liteon Awards Exhibition in Xue Xue Institute, Taipei

- T-box (railway wind power generator)


2009, Green Life Design Competition - organized by Designboom, Incheon

- Wind-up Battery (manual-powered battery)


2009, Two-people-exhibition organized by Surface Magazine, Zhengda Plaza, Shanghai

- Joinin Design Series (an exploration of "semi-designed" object)


2009, IF Concept Award (top-100-selection), CeBIT, Hannover

- Drier and Cleaner (hand dryer)


2008, Shanghai Design Biennale

-  Joinin Design Series


2008, Excellent Graduation Design Exhibition of Jiangnan University in Chong-an Temple, Wuxi

- Joinin Design Series


2008, Liteon Awards Exhibition in Liteon Technology Ltd., Taipei

- Softphone


2007, International design competition 'dining in 2015' Shortlist Exhibition, Milan

- Yum-cup

- Lady’s plate


2007, Liteon Awards Exhibited in 1933-Workshop, Shanghai

- Clip Sound


2007, Liteon Awards Exhibition in Liteon Technology Ltd., Taipei

- Emotion Alarm

- Drier and Cleaner


2006, Liteon Awards Exhibition in Liteon Technology Ltd., Taipei

- Clip Sound





2017, Nordic Designer of the Year, Formex Nova Award


2015, Global Swede


2014, MUJI Award 04, Top 100 Shortlist (Project: Napper)


2014, DMY Award winner 2014 (Project: One-life-geiger-counter)


2012, DMY Award winner 2012 (Project: Lo-fi Washer)


2011, Ingvar Kamprad Scholarship for Master study in School of Industrial Design, LTH, Lund University


2010, Silver Award, Liteon Awards (Project: T-box)


2009, IF Concept Award (Project: Drier and Cleaner)


2008, Excellent B.A. Graduation Design Project, Jiangnan University (Project: Joinin Design Series)


2008, Best Design Concept Award, Liteon Awards (Project: Softphone)


2007, Gold Award, Liteon Awards (Project: Emotion Alarm)


2006, The Panel of judges Special Award in 2006 Liteon Awards (Project: Clip Sound)



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