An intention of this project is to see if those “outdated” low-technology appliances still have any potential in modern society. A furniture expression of low-tech washing machine is created.


Being fascinated by how old wooden Swedish houses can withstand centuries of bad weather from the trip in Dalarna and Skåne Province, which inspired us to only work with wood and metal for this project: a washing machine, operated by pure human power.


Nowadays, some people are still washing clothes by hand, especially with clothes that need special care. This product can be placed in camping areas, summer house or even low-income regions where there is a lack of electricity; thus the intention for this experimental project is to see if low-technology appliances have any potential in modern society.


hand power washing machine

Typology: Hand power washing machine

Dimensions: 480 x 480 x 1100

Materials: Oak and Steel

Year: 2012

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